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Past and Recent Announcements:


Every Thursday, 4:00-5:00pm PComp Lab (Rm 20) 9/13, A/B Mtg Room in subsequent weeks

Everything you always wanted to know about circuits but were afraid to ask. We'll be going over this week's lab- please bring your breadboards and your questions.


Every person who plans to use the shop is required by law to attend a safety session. This includes first and second-year students. We'll be holding these nearly every weekday for the first three weeks of the semester. These can be signed up for by choosing a date in the calendar table below. We can accommodate up to 12 people per session, so please sign up in advance. If you're using the shop and we know you haven't attended a safety session, you will be asked to stop working.



The rolling storage racks are available for student storage. If you store anything on the shelves, please label it with your name, email, and a number we can reach you at. Use the YELLOW gaffer's tape, available on the red tool chest. Anything with last year's PINK tape, or anything unlabeled, will be thrown out.

There is limited storage space, so please store only what's absolutely necessary for projects you're currently working on. Anyone taking more space than is appropriate will be asked to clear off space for others.

The shelves are cleared off every semester, so please take things home when you're done with them to save yourself a big load at the end.


During the Second Half of the semester, people tend to be more careless about the shop. From here on out, it only gets more crowded, so here are a few things we'd like you to remember:

There will be a thorough shop cleaning at the end of the semester. You will have to take everything home over the break. Prepare for this by taking anything unnecessary home whenever you can.

  • PAY ATTENTION to what you've got, and where you put it.
  • LABEL all of your stuff with the colored tape, with your name and email, so we can find you if it needs to move.
  • TAKE TIME when setting up and cleaning up to note everything you took out of your bin, and are putting back. Write it down if you're forgetful.
  • USE YOUR LOCKER if it's valuable.
  • WATCH OUT FOR EACH OTHER. Take note of what your classmates are doing when you're in the lab together. Talk to each other. Sometimes the simple act of conversation helps you remember what someone else was doing when you talked, and you can help them remember what they misplaced.
  • TAKE THINGS HOME if you're not using them. They're safest there. This means ALL projects, Stirling engines, cardboard, etc. which you've already shown in class, or won't touch until the end of the semester.

And most importantly:

HAVE RESPECT FOR ONE ANOTHER. Don't take anything that's not yours. If you borrow, ask before borrowing, and leave a note saying thanks, so the person doesn't forget and think it's stolen. Help each other remember where things are, and watch out for each other's stuff. Treat everyone's project and materials with the care you treat your own.

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