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Important Dates

  • Fall Classes Begin Tuesday, September 6
  • No Classes Scheduled Monday, October 10
  • Midterm Grades Deadline Friday, October 28
  • Legislative Day Wednesday, November 23 (runs on a Monday schedule)
  • Thanksgiving Recess Thursday, November 24-Saturday, November 26
  • Legislative Day Tuesday, December 13 (runs on a Thursday schedule)
  • Last Day of Classes Wednesday, December 14
  • Winter Recess Saturday, December 24 - Saturday, January 14
  • Holiday: Martin Luther King Day Monday, January 16
  • Spring Classes Begin Tuesday, January 17
  • Holiday: Presidents' Day Monday, February 20
  • Midterm Grades Deadline Friday, March 10
  • Spring Recess Monday, March 13 - Saturday, March 18
  • Last Day of Classes Monday, May 1
  • Commencement Thursday, May 11


  • Mandatory Shop Safety Sessions: Learn how to keep the shop clean... and how not to cut off fingers! Every person who plans to use the shop is required by law to attend a safety session. This includes first-year and returning ITP students as well as those from a different department. We'll be holding these every weekday for the first three weeks of the semester ending SEPTEMBER 30th. There will be a sign-up sheet for these sessions on the whiteboard nearest the power tool in the shop. We can accommodate up to 12 people per session, so please sign up in advance. If you're using the shop and we know you haven't attended a safety session, you will have to stop working.
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