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Notes on techniques, resources, etc.

Asterisk Some notes for getting started with asterisk.

Batteries What you need to know about them, what varieties exist, and how to use them in your work.

Solar Cells How to use them and where are some good places to purchase them.

SMT Soldering Notes A hacky technique that uses the tools in the equipment room.

XBee PAN IDs so you can pick one that's unique for use on the ITP floor.

XBee Internet Gateway Addresses so you can pick a unique address for the new Internet Gateway

MAC Addresses for Wiznet get a unique ID for your Wiznet Ethernet Shield or Arduino Ethernet Shield

Notes on the ALD EH300 Energy Harvesting Modules

Useful External links

Rob Faludi made an example for the PIC w/ an Xbee and Xbee Pro zigbee radios from Maxstream.

Window Shade Doria Fan's notes on the window shade project she did with Michael Jefferson and Jae In Lee (a really nice project) includes some useful notes on solar panels and solar charging circuits.

Goodnotes - a Firefox browser plugin from Christina Goodness (ITP '05) that allows group annotation of websites. Useful for sharing your notes on resource websites with friends.

Digikey OpenSearch Plugin - a Firefox browser search plugin from James Nick Sears (ITP '07)

I2C in PIC CCS C Shawn Van Every got I2C communication working from one PIC to another. Here are his example files.

Interrupts on the PIC Jeff Gray's notes on using interrupts on the PIC, both for timing and for serial input.

Op Amp Circuits A good page on op amp circuits. Thanks to Gary Schober for the link.

Sound Synthesis on chips Excerpts from a discussion on the phys comp list about sound synthesis

USB and the PIC Jeff Gray's del.icio.us links on USB and the PIC.

Video from a microcontroller Everything you ever wanted to know about generating video from a microcontroller, thanks to Scott Fitzgerald.

Jason Babcock's physical computing notes Jason covers a number of really useful techniques in his notes, including how to wire stepper motors, how to connect a PIC to a Lantronic serial-to-ethernet device, and more. Jason's also an eye tracking expert, and has some notes on his site as to how it works.

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