The Magical, Miracle Box

PIC Code for The Magical, Miracle Box?
Miracle Box Patches?

The Magical, Miracle Box uses a single SoftPot to control both audio and video playback from a relatively simple design. I placed the SoftPot on a bed of foam, as I found this not only more pleasing to touch, but it made the sensor slightly more receptive (and it is incredibly sensitive). Because the normal state of the sensor is 0, I made sure to elimate any reading below 1 (this prevents my Max patch from resetting the video/audio track every time a finger is taken away from the sensor. This application also revealed that the SoftPot is not a linear sensor, it is algorithmic. After attempting to use several code fixes, I realized that a linear reading from 1-100 was given over the first 80% of the sensor, while the remaining 20% gave inconsistent and wild readings. Rather than solving the problem, I covered it up! I limited the access point of the sensor to the consistent 80%.

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