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A large part of this class revolves around taking previously obtained information of former students and adding to it. The 2007 class started this list of manufacturers they contacted, some with success, and some without. Our aim this year is to flesh out what these companies offer, activate links to their information, and provide more information we can use in the future to find the sensors we need on a given project.

Assignment: Your assignment is to make personal contact (phone or email) with at least 1 sensor/electronics/materials manufacturer, requesting materials or demonstration unit(s) regarding a particular sensor you think might be interesting. Here's an example letter you can use as a starting point. Please edit as appropriate, and describe any potential uses you might have for the technology in question. Be polite, courteous and thank everyone for their time. Be sure to copy me on the note.

There are a multitude of sensor technologies that, without a polite contact, we’d never get to use. Sourcing of a part or technology from the manufacturer or distributor is a huge part of sensor specification and selection. This often includes requesting or negotiating documentation, free samples, demonstration units (often needing to be returned to the manufacturer) or product demos by company sponsors and salesmen.

Benevolence to students can benefit sensor electronics companies in a good number of ways. The most important of these is that students move into industry and will have a tendency to use more of a given company's products if they recall a positive interaction during their studies (there are studies within various engineering fields that have categorically proven this relationship). Also, students often publish/publicize their research that results from use of sensor technologies, dropping names along the way, providing residual publicity for the manufacturers. Finally, there are often waste testing materials, that otherwise need to be disposed of, that representatives and engineers are happy to donate.

You'll be surprised at how often you'll get a positive response, as any intelligent applications engineer is going to be personally interested in what you’re up to, and how they might help. In return, it's incumbent upon you not to abuse the favor by requesting too many samples, forgetting to thank your source, or failing to report any results.

Once you’ve contact a given manufacturer, please indicate that you’ve done so on the Wiki to avoid repeat inquiries being sent. Do not repeatedly inquire to the same email address, if you don’t get a response, they’re likely not interested in your inquiry. As long as you add notes on your experience with a company, you’ve completed the assignment.

If there are good noted here already, move on to another manufactuerer. Don't repeatedly inquire to the same email address, even if you don't get a reply. If you don't get a response, they're likely not interested. Simply post "No response" and the date here. Do not post anyone's full email addresses here; use links to their contact page instead. If you're given permission to use a representative's name, then list it, but ask first. Feel free to include any notes you have from your communications with the company below.

Manufacturer List


ultrosonic, air sensor, bang sensor, various of bend sensors, biobeat, biowave, bioflex, curl sensor,(expensive for those bio sensors),flash, tilt, hot (temperature) & humidity sensor, magnetic, loud (sound) sensor, orientation sensor, push sensor, approximity sensors, spin, touch, vibe sensor. a lot but expensive. some we could actually make by ourselves with cheap sensors.There is also a product called the I-CubeX Wi-microDig that enables us to interface sensors wirelessly to the computer. meng li


InvenSense exclusively manufactures gyroscopes, accelerometers, and packaged gyro/accelerometer/magnetometer devices. They cater to large tablet, smartphone, gaming, and television manufacturers, but smaller orders are possible through their website, which offers a free development corner (software downloads, discussion forum, and other info). InvenSense manufactures analog single axis gyroscopes, digital dual and triple-axis gyroscopes, digital six-axis motion processors (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope with their "Digital Motion Processor", which is able to process 9-axis algorithms "on board" by accessing an external magnetometer), and are releasing a fully integrated 9-axis gyro/accelerometer/magnetometer combo (the MPU-9150) in April 2012 (I submitted a request for a demo along with my inquiry on 2/7/2012). There are USB development versions of many of their sensors, including their popular MPU 6050 (a 6-axis gyro/accelerometer combo) which incorporates a 3-axis magnetometer, available for purchase on their website. This particular device uses I2C for digital output and they offer an ARM interface board to convert I2C to USB (though, there are several Arduino projects documented online). Software supports only Android, Linux, and Windows. jennifer shannon

Milone Technologies

Milone manufactures the eTape Liquid Level Sensor. The sensor is a solid-state sensor with a resistive output that varies with the level of the fluid. Was used by ITP project Digi Drench. The sensor is available at Adafuit but also sold on Milone's website. We were able to obtain free samples from them; contact me if you want to try them out. lia martinez?

adamant-kogyooriginally by jamie

Touch Panel, Touch-Sensitive Screen: sensitive to the touch of a human finger and a special pen. The panel is a transparent screen mounted in front of an LCD. With both analog and digital type. meng li


barcode scanning, creditcard reader, barcode generator, touch screen. meng li


Gemssensors have many types of level sensors and temperature sensors. Eun Jung Park


They make many types of position sensors such as rotary position sensors, LVDT position sensors etc. Eun Jung Park


Parallax sells accelerometers, touch sensors, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors. And for me the most interesting sensors are light sensor and color sensor. Also this company provides good sources and descriptions for each sensor like codes of datasheets. Eun Jung Park


Celesco makes some great string-potentiometers, in various sizes all the way up to robust industrial. They also have industrial linear potentiometers useful for larger sensing needs. jamie

Emfit jamie modified by ~aad316?

Manufactures ferroelectric sensors and embedded electronics for bio-sensing. Some examples are fall, wandering, and epileptic seizure alarms. One specific sensor is a large bed sensor which they claim can detect slight movement, respiration and even heart rate. jamie

Sewori jamie modified by ~aad316?

Manufactures a few types of sensors such as GPS, LCD, ultrasonic, parking, DMB and image sensors. China's largest ultrasonic sensor manufacturer and claims to manufacture an ultrasonic sensor that can detect over twice of its competitors. Ultrasonic sensors can be purchased as part of a parking sensor unit or alone.

Vernier aad316

Vernier manufactures over 50 different sensors for educational application. The sensors can be purchased alone for OEM use or with a portable data logging device to record and view the sensor's data. Curriculum based applications for sensors are available. Some examples of the sensors available include: CO2 sensor, blood pressure, sound level, EKG, dynameter, etc.Good place to visit if you are looking for a specific sensor as they seem to have nearly all applications available. jamie

Panavision SVI

An imaging sensor manufacturing company in Cortland, NY. jamie jamie


Kavlico makes pressure, force, and automotive sensors, some of which are capacitive sensing rather than resistive. Jeff jamie jamie

Cosense Hannah Davis?

Cosense makes "ultrasonic liquid sensing products." jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie

Advanced Microsensors specializes in design, development and production of MEMS and thin film magnetic sensors and a broad range of analytical, diagnostic and foundry services. Mike Clemow

liquid level and fluid monitoring instruments Mike Clemow

(dead link) Mike Clemow

(dead link) Mike Clemow

  There are bunch of sites linked. LVDTS, Banner Engineering Sensors, Photoelectric sensors, Capacitive and Utrasonic sensors, forcing sensors. Omega Dissoved Oxygen Sensors, etc.   seungran? (German) :: (English)

State-of-the-art industrial displacement sensor systems, dimensional measurement and temperature sensors. Mike Clemow jamie humidity sensors, liquid and Mass flow sensor, pressure sensors seungran? jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie - "manufacture of temperature control and essential equipment for the life sciences, research, clinical and general laboratories. " lia jamie - "For over fifty years CHEM Flowtronics has been designing and manufacturing specialty pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical process piping components, mixers and process systems." - lia jamie jamie jamie


This company offers not only electronics but almost everything. But if you search ‘sensors’ in general, you can see various kinds of sensors such as IR, magnetic, vibration, current, optical, humidity, gas sensors etc. Eun Jung Park jamie jamie jamie jamie

Reed Switch Developments Anaid

magnetic switches very helpful agents, customize switches to the buyers' needs.

Linseis Anaid

thermal analysis, dilatometers that measure expansion that comes from temperature variation. thermal analysis machines that determine simultaneous changes in mass and caloric reactions windows software that can be used for data acquisition, evaluation and temperature control. they also manufacture dataloggers that measure temperature, temperature/humidity, current, voltage, etc. They are used in the following industries: transportation, environmental, pharmaceutical, scientific and educational. they make chart recorders for the same purposes as above, in both paperless and line strip modes.

Camgraphics Anaid

they sell membrane switches, touch screens, silicon rubber keypads, controllers and El Lighting. They claim to be interface designers. they make different touch screens for diverse applications. their capacitive ones are advertised as ideal for public access since they resist wet and dirty environments. touch view plus is an interesting product, it has several layers, a graphic overlay, embossed keys, a shield, a dynamic pad, and a circuit layer. they also make keypads that integrate to printed circuit boards. They claim this respond better than plastic keypads and they seal much better too.

-- 02/07/12 Wrote them an email for samples, they did not reply. - Lia

ThinFilmsInc Anaid

they make thin film to cover circuits by coating them with film. they also manufacture circuits themselves. other services are available to coat lasers and windows with different metals or other substances jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie - One of Baluff's representatives at responded about possibly coming in and speaking to the class. jamie - Scott Brown at Measurement Specialties has sent the class a few samples and documents! jamie jamie jamie - Manufacturer and distributor for plumbing/ heating supplies - lia jamie jamie jamie jamie jamie Roger - An electronic parts company based in England that has distribution centers throughout the globe Roy - I did three with the same letter to see who would reply. All laser sensors. justin justin justin bp432 - All are Seismographs and Tsunami Pressure Sensors manufacturers bp432 bp432 bp432 Daniel - image and optical sensors chris - Canadian touch sensor company chris - English company that makes optical and resonant modulator sensors tikva? - Linear Position Transducers So Young - position sensors Youjeong? - Analog sensor company for motion signal processing Youjeong? - Gas sensor company for sensing gas levels in air Youjeong? - PC game- force feedback joystick game pad, storage, motion sensor game pads, accessories. (2) iMac& G3- joystick, game pad, iMouse. (3) TV game- nintendo, game boy, playstation, SEGA dreamcast 128. (4) USB ( universal serial bus) device. sarah - Maker of Piezoelectric sensors sarah - Maker of touch/near-proximity sensors So Young - Wind speed and direction sensors rucyl - Software and hardware for innovative music, media, and art, I inquired about their temperature sensor. rucyl - infrared temperature sensor youn ji? - Radiation thermometor, non-contact temperature sensors that measure temperature from the amount of thermal electromagnetic radiation received from a spot on the object of measurement youn ji? - conductive photo detector younghyun Open EEG project kit, Mónica Bate Open EEG assembled kit. Got response offering a 20% off. younghyun - Open EEG project kit stefanie? - stefanie? - Diverse microcontroller such as PicBasic, Pic, 8051, Basic, and Stamp. Remote control, motor, sensor, RX/TX module, antenna, and program software are also in the site.seungran? jadie - light/color sensors raphael - optoelectrics, motion sensing and rf raphael - lighting ans switch state control raphael - position and movement sensors evrim -piezoelectric sensors (pressure, force, accelerometers) maria - Gyroscope shin-yi? Melissa dela Merced? - Robotic kits, metal, color, sound, speaker, til sensors. Factory in Thailand, Distribution in Singapore Luca Shapiro? - Rohm Semiconductor, 4-way tilt sensor at sparkfun