"Sensors and Time"

I started graphing voltage data from a potentiometer into Processing. On my first try, I was not successful in getting a response. Processing simply just did not reflect the readings from my potentiometer. I tried different codes both in processing and in pic basic, but still did not get the results I wanted.

So, I then borrowed the oscilloscope as another option to visualize my voltage data. I did not exactly remember how to hook up the scope with my circuit. I researched online and finally got it to work. I replaced the potentiometer with an IR sensor. I then moved my palm on a linear path directly in front of the sensor. The data graph that I got reflected multiple mini peaks. The highest peak was reached when my palm was about 2 inches away from the sensor. From 2 inches to 0 inch, another slightly lower peak was reflected. From 2 inches to 12 inches, a consistent downward slope appeared. Of course, it is worth mentioning that there was a considerable amount of vertical ""noise"" on the threshold line. It was quite obvious when the oscilloscope was set to 500mv / second. I applied a 100K resistor and subsequently decreased the range of the 'vertical noise.'

Perplexed, I continued to debug my serial to processing issue. I then realized and remembered (as Tom had mentioned in class) that it had to have something to do with 'WORD' transmitted from PIC vs 'BYTE' received into Processing. I reprogrammed my chip to divide my sensor value by 4. Also, I noted Jen's (from previous class) experience, and added a 'PAUSE 50' within my main code. Voila! Now, Im happy.