Initial sensor report reviews from the beginning of the semester;

  • Alex Olivier, Deqing Sun: ST LY530AL - 300/s Analog Yaw-Rate Sensing Gyro (Z-Axis)
  • Hannah Davis, Jennifer Shannon: Polycrystalline Solar Cell
  • Manuela Donoso, Luca Shapiro: ADXL202 2-Axis Accelerometer
  • Sophie Laffont, Marianne Carbon: flex sensor
  • Mark Breneman, Melissa Dela Merced: MaxSonar EZ-1
  • Monica Bate Vidal, Peter Darche: EM-406A GPS

What people chose to do for their final report

And who should review their choice (thanks to Sophie for compiling)

In reviewing each other's choices, please go over the existing sensor reports, both for that sensor and for similar ones, and determine how well the report has been done. If the existing report is thorough and covers all that's needed, then your review might say "this report is in good shape; pick another sensor." Or, if there's a similar sensor that's well done, you might point to that report and suggest that your classmate refer to that report in their own report, and/or combine the two. If the report leaves things out, detail what's missing and what would improve it.

Treat this review as if you were doing the sensor report yourself. Put together all the notes and material you think you'd need to do an excellent, in-depth report. The more thorough your review, the better job your classmates will do. Similarly, the better your review, the better chance you'll get a helpful review from someone else.

See the Sample report for what makes a thorough sensor report.

Week 9 - April 3

  • Monica, Peter, Melissa

Week 10 - Apr 4

  • Manuela, Carbon, Lia

Week 11 - Apr 11

  • Jen, Tony, Hannah

Week 12 - Apr 18

  • Sophie, Deqing, Noah

Week 13 - Apr 25

  • Luca, Hanny, Alex
Who Sensor Reviewer Date of Presentation
Alex PNI field force sensor (compass + gyro) Jen Apr 25
Carbon TCS-230 color to frequency Manuela Apr 4
Deqing PIC 16F707 capacitive sensor Noah Apr 18
Hannah EEG Mindwave Peter Apr 11
Hanny MPX 5050, pressure sensor Lia Apr 25
Jen Sparkfun's 9 DOF - Razor IMU Alex Apr 11
Lia e-Tape Liquid Level Sensor Melissa Apr 4
Luca PIR sensor Sophie Apr 25
Manuela HDSD S822 color sensor or conductive ink as a sensor Carbon April 4
Melissa TTL Serial JPEG camera with NTSC video Luca April 3
Monica Olimex EEG SMT Hannah Apr 3
Noah Temp sensing overview (TMP 102, TMP 36, DS18B20, SHT15, RHT03) Hanny Apr 18
Peter EEG Heart Rate Monitor Monica April 3
Sophie RFID Tony Apr 18
Tony Kinect Deqing Apr 11