Sensor Reaction Tool

In this assignment, you're going to build yourself (and others) a tool that shows a sensor's reaction changes over time.

Build a microcontroller/sensor system that outputs the sensorís changes over time in visual or sonic form. Arduino's graph example is a good place to start; it has code for graphing in Processing and Max/MSP. Your system should quantify the results in voltage, or in the sensor's physical property, however.

The output of your system should be clear, utilitarian, and pleasant to experience. Be prepared to discuss your design choices . For example, an useful visualization of a rotation sensor might be done through polar coordinates and a circular graphical representation rather than linear.

Add your application, your visualization and any notes to the sensor wiki. You may work alone or in pairs.

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  • In the first semester, I mistakenly referred to the first assignment as datalogging. It's more correct to call it data visualization, or Sensors and Time. So you will see notes from the Fall 2005 class that refer to it as Datalogging mistakenly. They're all collected below.
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