Analog difference
by Tom Igoe
This program takes two analog inputs and returns the difference of the two.

It's useful when you have a sensor with V+ and V- outputs, but no clear +5V and ground outputs.

' Define ADCIN parameters
' Set number of bits in result
DEFINE  ADC_BITS        10 
' Set clock source (3=rc)
DEFINE  ADC_CLOCK       3   
' Set sampling time in microseconds
DEFINE  ADC_SAMPLEUS    10        

' serial constants and pin assignments:
tx var portc.6
rx var portc.7
n9600 con 16468

adcVar  VAR WORD ' Create variable to store result
adcvar2 var word
result var word

' Set PORTA to all input
TRISA = %11111111     

' Set up ADCON1
ADCON1 = %10000010   

Pause 500        ' Wait .5 second

  ADCIN 0, adcVar   ' Read channel 0
  pause 10          ' let the ADC settle
  adcin 1, adcvar2  ' read channel 1

  ' get the difference between the two:
  result = abs(adcvar - adcvar2)
  ' send out the result
  SEROUT2 tx, n9600, [DEC result, 10, 13]
  Pause 10          ' let the ADC settle
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