/* Written by Alex Olivier

 * 1/27/2012
 * Sample code for the ST LY530ALH gyroscope, used in conjunction
 * with the Sparkfun breakout board.
  • /

int gyro_data = 3;

void setup(){


void loop(){

  analogRead(3);  //read the gyro's yaw (about the z-axis)

  //If you want the maximum resolution for the 4x sensor output, you
  //should use 3.3 v as an analog reference.  Connect the
  //AREF pin to 3.3 v and set analogReference to EXTERNAL.

  //For max resolution with the 1x sensor output, consider
  //using an external ADC (analog-digital converter) that
  //provides more data than 10 bits (0-1023), such as a 12/14 bit ADC

  analogReference(EXTERNAL);  //sets analog ref to 3.3 v
  analogRead(3);  // reads the gyro data
  analogReference(DEFAULT);  // returns analog ref to 5 v