original by Tom Igoe, modifications by Marta Lwin

Reads an Analog input. Used in this case to read a solar cell as a light meter.

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DEFINE  ADC_BITS        10             ' Set number of bits in result
DEFINE  ADC_CLOCK       3          ' Set clock source (3=rc)
DEFINE  ADC_SAMPLEUS    20          ' Set sampling time in uS

PeakValue var word
SensorValue var word
LastSensorValue var word
Threshold var word
Noise var word

' serial pins and data reate:
tx var portc.6
rx var portc.7
n9600 con 16468

Threshold = 50       ' set your own value based on your sensors
PeakValue = 0        ' initialize peakValue
noise = 5           ' set a noise value based on your particular sensor

' Set PORTA to all input
TRISA = %11111111     
' Set up ADCON1
ADCON1 = %10000010    

    ' read sensor on pin RA0:
    ADCin 0, sensorValue
    serout2 tx, n9600, [sensorValue]
    pause 100
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