Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the process of making an image of the changes in a sensor system over time. The simplest data visualization maps the change in one sensor's value over time. Here's a simple Processing program that graphs data.

Data visualization is a large discipline, and there's not adequate space to do it justice here. However, a couple of fundamental factors to consider are:

Parameters - how many variables do you have that change? How many do you need to see relative to each other at any given time? For example, if you're only looking at two variables, time and one sensor value, you only need two dimensions to visualize them.

Dependence - which variables depend on which other variables? These are ones you probably want to visualize together.

Scale - when you're representing variables together, make sure that the scale of one relative to the other is accurate. It's very easy to give an inaccurate picture by scaling one axis to match the other and neglecting to indicate that you've done it.