Welcome to the ITP Sensor Workshop Wiki.

This site is intended as a resource for information on electronic sensors, including descriptions, electrical details, schematics, sample microcontroller code, and suggested applications.

The site is built maintained by the students in the Sensor Workshop class at ITP.

  • Sensor Reports - put Sensor Reports here. Your major assignment is to create or significantly update a report.
  • Assigments One and two-week assignments from the class
    • Sensor Report Review - pick an existing sensor report. Assemble a list of questions, critique, edit. Translate the code sample into Arduino-style C. Work in pairs.
    • Manufacturer Descriptions - A growing list of manufacturers and their sensor products. Contact a manufacturer and add to this information.
    • Sensors and Time - Make a tool for graphing, visualizing and characterizing sensor behavior.
    • Sensor Walk - Go on a stroll, write down the sensors you notice around you. Take note of what they are and where to get them
    • Datalogging - Log environmental data over a day.
    • Actions, Events, and Filtering - Define an event and detect it.
  • Class Notes - put anything else here, eg.: for internal discussion among the class members
  • Code Samples - put code samples here.
  • Schematic Diagrams Useful schematics to interface various sensors (op amps, Wheatstone bridges, etc.)
  • Resources - where to get stuff, and links to useful online data sources.
  • Glossary - a glossary of terms used here, with links to tutorials as appropriate.