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MANUFACTURERS See also the Manufacturer Description page




  • PCB Express PCB Fabrication house here
  • An Eagle 4.0 tutorial from Kevin Boulding. This is a nice one if you're using Eagle.

OTHER INFO (Lists, data, test Results, tutorials etc.)

Citizen Sensor: "is DIY, wearable, reconfigurable sensor pack and data contextualization system that allows users to collect, share, and understand data using sensors recording environmental conditions such as carbon monoxide, light, noise pollution, and methane gas exposure among others. Users choose what to sense, and then connect with others around the world to share knowledge and experience." Not sure if it's calibrated or not.

  • Sensors Research Consulting, inc. Resources compiled by a commercial consultant.
  • Online Datasheet Catalog Plug in your part, part number, or manufacturer. There are tons of similar databases, this one seemed particularly user friendly.
  • Industry's Sensor Resource
  • McGill University's sensor wiki.
  • Tom's physical computing resources blog - a collection of vendors for electronics, mechanical supplies, hardware, materials, and more.
  • Min forwarded this page of links to some possible bodyheat detectors. Some of them are just PIR motion dectors, some are temparature sensors.
  • Solarbotics' page on making your own boards. This one also deals with etching your own boards. Make sure the environment you're working in is safe for using these chemicals first. For example, many schools lack the proper ventilation and disposal systems for working with these chemicals properly.
  • A set of Libraries for Eagle from MIT.
  • Jan Axelson's links on making circuit boards. Jan Axelson writes many tech books on electronics, such as USB Complete and Serial Port Complete. She's an excellent resource.
  • Lady Ada's sensor interfacing page
  • STREAM: "In the STREAM project, we are reinvestigating data management and query processing in the presence of multiple, continuous, rapid, time-varying data streams." Thanks to Hans Steiner for the link.
  • Solarbotics has some useful notes on a variety of sensors, including example recipes. Thanks to Min for the link.


Finding sensors and the parts needed to support them often be the hardest part of assembling a project. Please add good and bad resources of this kind here. We differentiate above between three resources of this type. Note that the distinctions are not altogether rigorous - eg.: Sparkfun, is both a fabrication house that also happens to distribute.

Manufacturers are companies that actually produce the materials or product. It is often difficult to order direct from these companies, but often samples or demonstration units can be loaned or donated.

Distributors are essentially salesmen/women who sell products made by manufacturers to specific industries. They are generally less prone to 'free sample' type behavior, but they are the names we know - Jameco, Digikey, etc. Note that some industrial vendors require accounts/registration with them before you can buy (eg.: Grainger).

Fabricators (sometimes called "integrators") are companies that take materials from other sources and add value by combining or augmenting their function, often for a specific purpose.

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