Week 1 - Jan 25

  • What is a sensor?
  • Electronic perception vs. human perception
  • Introduction to the site
  • Code translation: PBasic to Arduino-style C.

Assignment add yourself to the class wiki, with a link to your personal site, as appropriate.
Assignment pick an existing sensor report. Assemble a list of questions, critique, edit. Translate the code sample into Arduino-style C. Work in pairs.

Week 2 - Feb 1

  • Presentation: Present the sensor report you picked. Ask questions, offer critique. Let's talk about what makes these useful, and how we can improve on them.
  • Types of sensors: resistive, capacitive, piezoelectric, MEMS
  • Actives vs Passives
  • Simple device interfaces:
    • voltage output, RC time
    • pulsewidth output
    • serial output
  • Meters, scopes, and logic probes
  • Analog-to-digital and back to analog (voltage conversion)
  • Understanding datasheets

Assignment Manufacturer Description and contact. Work alone on this, so we can maximize our contacts.

Week 3 - Feb 8

  • Sensors and time
    • Input and sampling
    • Graphing voltage over time
    • Averages, Means, and outliers
    • Debouncing and filtering
    • Peaks, Averages, and thresholds
    • Linearity and non-linearity

Assignment Sensor walk
Assignment Sensors and Time. Work alone or in pairs

Week 4 - Feb 15

  • Presentation: Show Sensors and Time results
  • Presentation: Sensor walk results
  • Sensor Interfaces: digital protocols (I2C, SPI)

Assignment Review the sensors you've researched or worked with already. Make sure all notes that you have on them are in the sensor wiki, and add anything new you've discovered.
Assignment choose your final sensor for your report.

Week 5 - Feb 22

  • Datalogging
    • How much data: Sample resolution, sample rate
    • Power and sample rate
  • Logging to a file on an SD card
  • Logging to the network: Pachube and other options

Assignment Datalogging
Assignment review one other person's choice, to see if there is already significant data in the wiki. Suggest a plan of action for them. I'll assign your partners.

Week 6 - Feb 29

  • Hardware filtering
    • Decoupling
    • Op Amps

Assignment: consider the reviews by others and make a plan of action for your sensor report.

Spring Break - Mar 14

Week 7 - Mar 21

  • Presentation: tell us your final sensor choice, and give us your plan of action.
  • Events, actions, and filtering

Assignment Events, actions, and filtering

Week 8 - Mar 28

  • Presentation: Actions, Events, and filtering
  • Topics TBA depending on sensor report needs

Week 9 - April 3 - Makeup class

Week 10 - Apr 4

Week 11 - Apr 11

Week 12 - Apr 18

Week 13 - Apr 25

Week 14 - May 2

  • Wrap-up, review, final questions, plans for the future