Stephen Schaum - ITP second year student

Background: Sculpture and architecture
Forground: Translating dynamic patterns in nature into sound, form and environment.

I'm looking forward to sensor workshop to explore different types of sensors and information gathering devices and visualizing the information that they receive. I'd also like to explore solar systems, sonar and GIS.


What sensors have I used today?

Well, let's see...I woke up and

1) turned off my cell phone alarm
2) Light the flotation device in the toilet a sensor?
3) hot water sensor (shower) a fuse a sensor of sorts?
5) Train turnstile has card swipe sensor..and probably many others
6) there were cameras all over the platform...also as Tom said sliding door sensors
7) how does the train know what stop it's at?....another sensor
8) Cops are sensors
9) traffic lights and traffic cameras...
10) thermometers for air conditionning systems...air quality sensors for HVAC
11) smoke detectors

...and then there is the elevator...should I keep going?


Photocell peak detection into processing---comming soon!