I'm looking forward to getting more in-depth with all things sensors and pcomp. I found myself getting really familiar with the qprox in December when the semester ended, and I looked around to see all the other sensors I hadn't had a chance to really get to know. I've got some specific projects and applications in mind that use touch, proximity, motion, but I'm open to exploring more. I recently saw a site somewhere that talks about a sensor that reads C02 levels and was used in a project that drew grass on the wall at heights related to the number of people in the room, breathing out. I love it - a really interesting use for a simple sensor. (does anyone have that link?)

The site with my Sensor Workshop updates is here. And the email address I use is rebsbray at hotmail dot com.

Sensors and Time:

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Sensor Report:

  • Flex Sensors: 3 flex sensors are tested and reported on here: the Spectra Symbol Flex Sensor, the Gentile brand that's available at Jameco and the bookstore, and the Flexpoint Bend Sensor. This report is now hosted on this wiki.