So I guess I'm the annoying bastard that likes to hear himself talk. I actually wrote this last night, before I read anything anyone else had posted, and only got it up on the wikki now... Seems nobody else took the Memoire approach. Well, I just gotta be me.

I’m a second year graduate student in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University with a strong bent toward art and design. I earned a BFA in Sculpture and Painting from the Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, Ohio, in 1994 and moved to New York in 1997 with my wife, Maria, so she could attend Teachers’ College, where she earned her Master of Art in Education. She is an Art Teacher at Bank Street School for Children, is damned good at it and a big inspiration for me. I have worked as a House Painter, Waiter, Busser, Baker, Studio Assistant, Art handler, Fabricator, Welder, Carpenter, Art Installer, Exhibit Technician, Shop manager and as the Manager of Exhibitions at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan (which pretty much meant I did anything and everything that was asked of me). Most recently, and most importantly, I have become a father to a healthy and happy, hale and hearty baby girl named Marisol.

My hope in coming to ITP was to reinvigorate my creativity in a more purely unconstrained manner, and if I have failed at that, the fault is surely mine. I love it here and am grateful for the opportunity. In choosing this class, I hope to extend my knowledge and sharpen my skills with sensors. I learned in exhibit design and development at the childrens’ museum that 99% of everything (or at least that small portion of everything that pertains to designing such things) is smart selection of input and output devices and clever manipulation of that information between them. The rest is just gravy, as they say.

I’m still working on the “what” of my intentions for the class, but I have a number of ideas. As my daughter was born two weeks before the end of Spring semester, there were a number of things that were left less finished than I would have liked. Specifically, I have a dozen or so Qprox chips in my studio that I haven’t had a chance to so much as fit into a breadboard. I really want to play with these things! I have a half finished sculptural project that is just begging to be complete. Somehow my four month old hasn’t expressed a lot of interest yet in watching daddy solder… “One day, my dear, but let’s save the lead exposure at least until you’re in school…”

I also am debating getting into a wildly speculative Solar project I stumbled upon…. I’ve always been interested in renewables, so why not now? Perhaps this could be a good collaborative thing?

I also really enjoy the challenge of pushing the simple into the realm of interesting; meaning that I’d like to take some simple sensors, like photoresistors, for instance, see how wide an array of info I can get from them. How well do they react to heat? How will it change the output of the sensor if I add optics or filters to them? Can I make them directional? Then of course, there’s what can be done with the data once I have it… Well, you get the idea.

So now is the time for decisions, I suppose.