Optima Exposed Royal ES-S Preliminary Report by Byung Han(Tony) Lim

Optima exposed Flushometers offer the ultimate in flushing technology with the Optima EL-1500 infrared sensor, which adapts to its surrounding. Once the user enters the sensor's effective range and then steps away, the Flushometer solenoid automatically initiates the flush cycle. Sloan's True Mechanical Override is the first Non-Hold-Open override Flushometer in the plumbing industry.

http://www.sloanvalve.com/Our_Products/Exposed_Royal_Optima_ES-S_TMO.aspx makes some wonderful gear for tracking fish and navigating various aquatic terrain.

Optima Exposed Royal ES-S

The SRF-04 Sonar Ranger is a fairly low cost method of working with Sonar for the purposes of range detection. This particular interface works well for proximity (Z-axis), but it does not provide any feedback in terms of positioning on an X or Y axis.