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Put a paragraph or two here introducing the the sensor. You might want to add an introductory image as well. Write in layperson's terms, and define any technical terms you need to use. Add any definitions to the Glossary page.


Outline here where you got your sensor, how much it cost and what your experience of getting it was like.

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Describe some typical applications of this sensor. You can often get this from the datasheet, but a few examples from companies or individuals who've used it would be useful as well.

Electrical Characteristics

Put a link to the datasheet at the top. Also link any retail sources, for example if you're using a breakout board, or any other parts that making the sensor easier.

Give the voltage and amperage ranges, and any other relevant electrical data.

Describe the electrical changes when the sensor senses whatever physical changes it senses. Include graphs as needed.

Pin Descriptions

Give a list of the pins, and a pin diagram as appropriate. Detail the function of each pin in a short paragraph following the list.

Microcontroller Connections

Explain how to connect the sensor to a microcontroller or computer. Include a schematic and any other necessary diagrams. Make sure to include a list of every part in the schematic.

Additional parts needed to use it

List any hardware needed to interface this sensor to a microcontroller or computer.

Code Sample

Give a code sample for the microcontroller you developed the example on. Link it to the Code group of the wiki, formatting the link like this:

[[Code.myCodeSample | Code Sample]]

In your code sample, show how to do the following:

  • read the sensor's output and save in a variable.
  • convert the sensor's output range to a voltage range corresponding to the microcontroller's analog-to-digital range.
  • convert from voltage to the physical property that the sensor measures. Provide the appropriate math in a separate function, as needed.
  • print the raw sensor reading, the voltage reading, and the physical property reading serially

Typical Behavior

Describe the behavior of the sensor when you use it to sense something. Note any peculiarities that you had to work around, or things that might affect someone else's use. Graphs and images are useful here.

Application Notes

Describe your own application of the sensor. Link to any external documentation of your project, and discuss how you got the sensor to do what you needed it to.


Add links to any reference material you used to learn about your sensor. Cite your sources for explanations, code, and circuits.


List any useful tags or keywords that will make this report more searchable.