HMC6352 Two-Axis Compass with Algorithms

The HMC6352 Two-Axis Compass with Algorithms combines a two-axis magnetoresistive magnetic field sensor from Honeywell, with the required analog and digital support circuits for heading computation. This product provides an electronic compass function using two-axis magnetic field sensing. Typical applications include wireless phones with compassing, GPS/compass personal navigation, vehicle telematics and dish antenna positioning.

Both Adafruit and Sparkfun use the HMC6352 Two-Axis Compass with Algorithms in two diverse modules. Sparkfun uses this compass module in a breakout board which is simple and easy to use. Parallax has used this module in a six pin breakout board.

The HMC6352 Compass Module is fully integrated and combines 2-axis magneto-resistive sensors with the required analog, digital, microprocessor and algorithms required for heading computation. The HMC6352 Compass Module provides a direct heading angle and includes internal calibration algorithms within its firmware. Temperature compensation and calibration are built in, as well as protection against stray magnetic field.

The HMC6352 Compass Module uses the Two-Axis Compass with Algorithms made by Honeywell. The Two-Axis Compass with Algorithms data sheet contains information directly related to the compass while both Adafruit and Sparkfun have used this module in an easy to use pin configuration which is available from their websites.

Parallax Data Sheet

Sparkfun Data Sheet


  • Wide voltage supply range (2.75.0 VDC) for use with most microcontrollers
  • Digital output (I^2 C) to nearest 0.1
  • Built-in calibration for an average error of 2.5
  • Internally calculates heading, simplifying software demands
  • Stray magnetic field protection
  • Low current consumption (typically 1 μA in standby mode, 1 mA full operation at 3 VDC)
  • Compact, breadboard-friendly 6-pin DIP module package


  • Provide headings when GPS signals cannot be used
  • Use as a reference for orienting gyroscopes
  • Heading detection for small robots and RC cars
  • Model airplane heading hold

Electrical Characteristics

  1. Power requirements: 2.75.0 VDC; < 10 mA
  2. Communication: 12C; 100 kbps max.
  3. Operating temperature: -4 to +158 F (-20 to +70 C)
  4. Dimensions: 0.46 x 0.59 x 0.54 in (11.7 mm x 14.7 mm x 13.7 mm)

Arduino Code

Pin Description

Sparkfun Video - Digital Compass Modules with Engineer Chris Taylor

Honeywell 2-Axis Compass with Algorithms

Honeywell Data Sheet