Initial report by Younghyun Chung, 14th February 2007

The Infinity® EEG Pod captures EEG(Electroencephalography) data, processes it, and makes it available to monitor.


EEG data provider of critical information for clinical decision making. Meditation game for two players.

Electrical Characteristics


Measuring Capabilities - EEG

4 channels.
Sweep speeds6.125, 12.5, 25, 50 mm/sec
EEG input signal range± 1.0 mV
EEG bandwidthLow filter: 0.5 Hz (default) or 1.0 Hz
 High filter: 15 Hz, 30 Hz (default) or Off
 Notch filter: On (default) or Off
DC offset+/- 200 mV DC
Baseline recovery time≤ 5 sec
Digital notch filter50/60 Hz
Input impedance> 100 MΩ @ 10 Hz
CMRR100 dB @ 50/60 Hz referenced to floating ground, balanced electrode impedance
Input noise< 1 μVpp (0.5 – 30 Hz)
IsolationCF type, (leakage less than 10 μA)
Sampling rate8000 samples per second
A/D resolution16 bit
Test pulse100 μV
Electrode Impedance MeasurementTest current: 0.034 μA
 Range: 0Ω - 250 K/Ω
 Resolution: 1 KΩ
EEG scales5 – 500 μV/div
EEG lead labelsNone, Left, Right, Front, Back, Right Front, Right Back, Left Front, Left Back, or X-Y where X-Y is one of Fp, Fp1, Fp2, Fz, F3, F4, F7, F8, Cz, C3, C4, T7, T8, Pz, P3, P4, P7, P8, O, O1, O2


Connection to monitor, fiber optic RS-232 interface, + and - input for each channel and universal neutral. Referential mode block provides + input for each channel and neutral.

Application Notes