Initial report by Joo Youn Paek , 14, FEB, 2006

Put a paragraph or two here introducing the the sensor. You might want to add an introductory image as well.


Describe some typical applications of this sensor. You can often get this from the datasheet, but a few examples from companies or individuals who've used it would be useful as well.

Electrical Characteristics Datasheet

  • Supply Voltage - 5VDC
  • Supply Current - 30 mA typ; 35 mA max
  • Range - 3 cm ro 3 m(1.2in to 3.3 yrds)
  • Input Trigger - positive TTL pulse, 115 uS to 18.5 ms
  • Echo Hold-off - 750 uS from of trigger pulse
  • Burst Frequency - 40 kHz for 200 uS
  • Burst Indicator LED shows sensor activity
  • Delay before next measurement - 200 uS
  • Size - 22 mm H x 46 mm W x 16 mm D (0.84 in x 1.8 in x 0.6 in)

Pin Descriptions

A male 3-pin header is built-in supplying power, ground, and signal. It allows the sensor to be plugged into breadboard, which is easy to build fixed mounting. Signal pin transforms pulse in and out.

Microcontroller Connections

I connected signal pin to port.d 1 of the 18F452 microcontroller. Yet any digital pin will transform data succesfully. The microcontroller and the sensor shares the ground. Both receive power from the same supply but connected parallel.

Code Sample

BASIC Stamp example code is available from the Datasheet. I translated to [[Code.Pallarax Sonar #26015 | PicBasicPro]], the software available for me to program the mirocontroller.

Give a code sample for the microcontroller you developed the example on. Link it to the Code group of the wiki, formatting the link like this:

[[Code.myCodeSample | Code Sample]]

Typical Behavior

Describe the behavior of the sensor when you use it to sense something. Note any peculiarities that you had to work around, or things that might affect someone else's use. Graphs and images are useful here.

Application Notes

Describe your own application of the sensor. Link to any external documentation of your project, and discuss how you got the sensor to do what you needed it to.