GPS Sensor
R217-TR-GPM Datasheet

This Global Positioning Systems receives ata receivd by the DS-GPM and is updated once per second. It logs latitude, longitude, altitude, time, heading, speed and satellites detected. It is targeted at OOPic/Basic Stamp control applications and boasts a low power consumption.

The header connections are:
1. Serial Output
2. Serial Input
3. Ground (AN0-3 GD)
4. Serial Output
5. Serial Input
6. AN0-3 V+ Connection

Sample of Min/Max:

Supply Voltage (+5V)(Vcc): Min. = 4.5, Max. = 5.5 V Absolute Max: Min.= - .05, Max. = +6 V
Supply Voltage (6-16V)(V): Min. = 6, Max. = 16 V Absolute Max: Min.= - .05, Max. = +20 V
Supply Current : Min. = 50, Max. = 60 mA
IO line output Voltage : Min. = 0.3, Max. = Vcc-0.8V V
IO line output current : Min. = -, Max. = 20 mA
IO line input voltage : Min. = 0, Max. Vcc+0.3V V

Vcc is supply rail from OOPic or any other +5V supply The DS-GPM may take the power necessary for operation (approx. 60mA) from an OOPic-R +5V supply, using a DS-ORI2CCAB, or from an external battery or power adaptor supplying between 6 and 16V DC, which is recommended if the OOPic or OOPic II is connected.

I don't quite understand the communication process which is in great detail on the datasheet. See link above.