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A Sample Report -- tigoe , jamie & Jeff

Interesting sensors no one's done yet



  • Biometrics System Final Report. "Biometric technologies are defined as "automated methods of identifying or authenticating the identity of a living person based on a physical or behavioral characteristic." This report gives an overview of biometric technologies, and an example of rudimentary face rcognition using Max/MSP and the cv.jit objects. Original report by Saranont Limpananont
  • Reflective Optical Sensor There are many ways to detect heart rate, whether through electropiezo pulsation monitoring, chest-strap heart contraction detection or photoplesmography. The most wearable and continuous detection method for detecting via a user's wrist is by using a reflective optical sensor that sends an IR signal against the wrists arterial vein and reflects that to a phototransistor that catches the amount of light being sent. Full report of the TCRT1000 and an application of detecting HR from the wrist. Aislinn Dewey
  • Here's a heart rate example from Justin Downs using an LM358 op amp
  • SPRING2012 PULSE RATE Sensor from MV Carbon
  • NeuroSky-based EEG Toy Hack: It's possible to extract brain wave data from the Mindflex over serial to build a basic brain-computer iterface. Arduino Brain Parsing Library / Brain Hack Tutorial
  • EMG or Electromyography senses the electrical output of the muscles when contracted. Carleton University has some explanations and schematics. Also Advancer Technologies has tutorials and examples of EMGs in use as a video game controller. There is also the FreEMG by Torino Margolis is fairly similar to Advancer Technologies' design.
  • ECG Polar Wearklink + Sparkfun Heart Rate Monitor Interface
  • EEG Mindwave

Safety and Alarm ICs

Electrochemical Sensors

Tilt, Acceleration, Position, and Orientation sensors



Accelerometers Accelerometers are simple MEMS (Microelectromechanical System) devices and are used to measure position, motion, tilt, shock, vibration, and acceleration (the rate of change of velocity). They are available with one, two, or three axes.

Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)

Tilt Sensors

GPS receivers

Angle Sensors

Environmental Sensors

Touching, Pushing, Pulling Sensors

Capacitive Touch Sensors

Force Sensing Resistors

Flex Sensors

Stretch and Strain sensors

Ink as a sensor

Vision, Light, Color Sensors

Gas, Liquid flow, pressure sensors

Acoustic Sensors

  • LDTM-028K Piezo When the piezo film is bent from the mechanical neutral axis, a very high strain within the piezo polymer is created and generates a high voltage. Original report by Erin Kim

Microphones as sensors

Motion Detectors

Large body motion detectors

Rotary and small motion detectors

Distance Ranging Sensors

Weather sensors:


A kit of various sensors

Integrated Weather Sensor Systems