The Thermistor 10k is a temperature sencor with accuracy over a wide temperature range. It has a high stability over a long life and excellent price/performance ratio.

The sensor is available in Sparkfun website and usually there are a lot in stock.

Applications Temperature measurement, sensing and control, temperature compensation in industrial and consumer electronics

Electrical Characteristics

The changes detected in temperature are quite fast and the range of Operating Temperature is:

at zero dissipation; continuously :- 40 C to + 125 C

at zero dissipation; for short periods:≤ 150 C

at maximum dissipation :0 C to 55 C

For the test I used a breadboard, arduino UNO, 10k Resistor and wires. Here is a picture and at the circuit with the connections:

As we can see in the picture, the pins connections are the following:

thermistor (1)>>Vcc ARDUINO

thermistor (2)>>Resistor and A0 ARDUINO

Resistor (1)>> Ground ARDUINO

Resistor(2)>> A0 ARDUINO

The code for the ARDUINO displaying the temperature in Celsius and Farenheit is based on the notes of Milan Malesevic and Zoran Stupic in this link:

Personal notes / use

I used it to measure temperature changes in short periods of time. The temperature wasn't totally accurate but it measured the changes very fast so, considering the price, the general performance of the sensor was pretty good.