A few guidelines for authors of this site:

This site is visible to the general public, but only editable to ITP students in the sensor workshop class. Please make sure that anything you write would make sense to people outside the class. In other words, provide enough context for readers who are knowledgeable about physical computing, but not privy to our class conversations.

If you want to leave a comment to bee seen by logged in authors of the wiki only, you can use the (:if:) tag, like so:

(:if auth edit:)
Anything in this if block will only be seen by logged in authors.

There are no anonymous edits. The edit page will automatically fill in your login name, so you should never have to think about it. This is to prevent spam, and make it easier to track changes and communicate about them amongst ourselves.

For a basic understanding of the wiki's markup tags, see the PMWiki basic editing page.

A few notes on good wiki style, from PMWiki:

  • Be aware of these conventions, even if you choose to ignore them.
  • When you write in a wiki, it is a common practice to use the second or third person. Remember Dragnet and write "Just the facts, ma'am." Give concrete advice.
  • When you do write in the first person, it is conventional to sign your work. To sign a section of a page, add either ~~~ or [[~your name]]
  • People often use the first person to describe their own experiences.
  • It is conventional not to change a paragraph that someone else has signed, except to correct obvious mistakes. So if you'd prefer that something you write not be changed, sign it.
  • Unsigned work is considered open for change. So if you want to, go ahead and change it.
  • Practice understatement. Use plain language. Be bold and be nice.