Adafruit Eshield

  • Can use WizNet and Lantronix chip
  • Arduino shield uses Wiznet

Finals ideas

  • Zeven - Connections: to highlight the importance of peoples connections
game controller on phone for a public game
  • Chris
NIME - artificial musical organism, inspired by networked fungus
  • Steve and Aaron - graduation caps message boards
mesh network?
peer pressure algorithm, gerald sussman
2d array of pixels, color matching to neighbors based on predominance
  • Sean - Vocoder
what are the physical nodes?
siftables / ellie deacon
  • Sofy
physical object / talisman connected through cell phone that respond to touch
  • Slava
ar iphone app
users register, make public/private objects
  • Neil
sound production or video game - multiscreen
distinct from MPE - each screen is independent, but their borders communicate
player only controls the screen that they are on, but the game exists in a larger scope
collective responsibility
  • Peiyu
continue conversion project from REST assignment, integrate with Twitter or SMS


Transmitters, receivers, & transceivers

transceiver receives and transmits


What are the forms of radiation in the room?

  1. light from projector
  2. cellular
  3. UV
  4. Air pressure
  5. XBee 802.15.4
  6. AM/FM
  7. WiFi 802.11
  9. Microwave

WiFi, Bluetooth, microwave are in the same frequency range

how can this work?
  1. the different devices can exist in the same space because the signal carries a header that distinguishes the signal
  2. also, slightly different frequencies

how to choose which sort of radio

  1. do you broadcast, or single connection
  2. distance
  3. error checking
  4. Scale
  5. promiscuity
  6. does the radio need to be able to talk to any radio that is near whether or not it 'knows' it or not

RC car example

interaction dynamic - press a trigger, car goes
transmit / receive
no need for 2 way dynamic