import processing.serial.*;

boolean connected = false;

Client c;

Serial myPort;

void setup() {
  myPort = new Serial (this, Serial.list()[0], 9600);
  c = new Client(this, "", 8080); // Replace with your server's IP and port
  connected = true;

void draw() {
  if (c.available() > 0) {
    String input = c.readString();

void serialEvent(Serial myPort) {
  int thisByte =;
  println(char(thisByte)) ;

  if (connected) {

void keyReleased() {
  if ( connected) {
    connected = false;

Corporate logistical model of the internet

1888 and forward

How the wire works piano analogy

In 1996 yes there was one wire to Africa.

Obvious bottleneck, easy cutoff access, one point of control Government control one company controls all

What if you a country want a point?

Sat pros and cons Have to have a satellite or lease one Latency Could connect anywhere in the world

ie Location Meditereanian around Egypt you want to get as much cable to that area from europe, america, asia, india

Understanding signal galvanometer(like an an anlog meter) to interpret the signal and adjust meter

Early internet when it first started it did not catch on because the phone structure wasnt as strong as it later went once it was found that you can piggy back off the phone network it caught on

packet switching vs circuit switching old days we used a circuit switched network an actual circuit had to be connected If you are in NY and wanted to call LA you get patched through from NYC to Chicago to Kansas City to LA a physical connection through that meant you needed towers with relays and amps to boost signal if you were a competeing company you set up a parallel network that meant you had to have a phone for every line

brooklyn dodgers named from having to dodge telephone wires

problem came when wall street was lost in 1880s gov decided to give ATT ability to purchase everythings

in the 1980's they were broken up into the baby bells qwest verizon sw bell pac bell Local access region areas- control sectors RBOC own regional wires Local exchange carrier Inter exchange carrier for long distance

switzerland expo tom merger story cloud over lake funded by multiple telecoms 1999 hot item was a 3g license swiss had 4 license 8 bidders ended with 4 bidders 4 license at rock bottom prices Half of the

each circuit can carry 64bits DS0 T1 is 32 DS0 circuits

info to carry the human voice compress the voice to 80khrtz 300 to 3000 hrtz

Paul Baran's network Packet switching divide into portions by which is the easiest route The message can take different route Routers look at current load and go to the path of less traffic

so out of 64kps only 56kb used the rest is overhead

internet routers know once removed whose next to them you rewrite the routing tables by who is more reliable optimize traffic

MAE routed all of the internet to them so with a missing router, a recursive loop could happen because node could keep the link even if the link is not there

Issue with a protocol (like tcp) that acknowledges you can send acknowledgments over and over again and stop everything

peering agreement how tier 1 providers negotiate on traffic sharing tier 1 does not pay anyone on the net

there is no record of tier 1 providers

tier 1's by controlling the points of entry large network ie time warner

level3 is a tier1 provider no one has ever heard of

ASIN regions of the topographic regions of the net Level3 control region AS1

Border Gateway Protocol – how tier 1 exchange data

IXP connect one big company to another

thought to be tier1 global crossing tata att more on wikipedia

Connecting to high business centers Density traffic time

60 hudson street western union building a bunch of IXPs are located there

could it be possible to hi jack the internet

a denial of service from one location doesnt work because you are in one location it routes to one router that could be shut down

NATO+055 plugin by eastern euro french, bulgarian, leet weird language if you bought from a nato country you paid extra 55 women signed nn programer that helped was a fictional character 3 documented women showed up at conferences built a trap door some software users pissed nn off and got there license revoked jitter proprietary

non-institution not registered in “corporate” entity

success of the 3g no wifi and mobile browser

Serial Arduino stuff

start by using the sharedcanvasclient

write looks a lot like print

string input = c.readstring lets you taking all the available byte string

want a way to close out the client so write 'x' in this case for arduino serial

 find serial port by printing the Serial.list()

then start a serial port and set the baud rate set a serial event then read from your serial port

on the arduino side start the serial port serial.print(“l”)