Web-based traceroute apps:

IP Geolocation services:

Nice Visual Trace Route Tool

Class Notes:

  • NB We achieved record high score of 15!
  • TCP communication is asynchronous, both endpoints agree to keep track of packets ( send again if packets are lost).

Simple Networking Tools

  • Ping - check if machine is alive/responding. Sends data and times trip to and from endpoint.
  • nslookup - gives you back ipaddress based on search domain. (e.g. search for itp.nyu.edu returns
  • whois - information about domain registrant.
  • traceroute - gives you a list of all of the servers you hop through to get to endpoint.
  • arp (address resolution protocol) - gives you hardware adress of machines you've been talking to.
  • ifconfig - gives you a list of ethernet interfaces on your machine
  • Make an HTTP request:
GET /"whatdirectoryyouwant"/ HTTP 1.1
HOST: "onwhatdomain"