No Beth Noveck :(



What people were initially thinking for the final


Dave Boyhan:

  • Laser Bar Code Scanner - Got working with Arduino
  • Finger Print Scanner - (ordered)
  • Talked to Rob about Student ID - Barcode is confidential and irrellevant

Noah Crowley:

  • N Number on the magnetic stripe. Should be able to get Net IDs from the card.
  • Wanted to make a swipe station -
  • Web control panel
  • API to designate what you will do with the swipe. (Check in for help, related platform for apps, callbacks)

Meghan Hoke:

  • API to project Database
  • PHP for the project database

Ezer Longinus

  • Working on the Solar Panel on the Roof
  • Incentivize Solar Power usage
  • Setting up a system to track and report about battery drainage and storage

Steve Klise:

  • Magnetic Stripe. Helping to set up an API. Possibly making an App for as well.

Zach Schwartz:

  • Watch my stuff application

Eric Hagan:

  • Mag Stripe
  • building the physical interface.

Lily Szajnberg

  • Possibly using the RFID with card.

Nick Yulman:

  • Keep a tally of parts and materials to trade/sell.

Johnny Lu:

  • Using bluetooth and triangulate position using people's MAC addresses. working with a first year.

Greg Dorsainville:

  • Interested in the database and populate it with good documentation. And increase the usage of the database. How to incentivize that.

Jeremy Scott Diamond:

  • Integrating the systems and a good interface with the magnetic card reading, RFID, or whatever. (gluing the database and physical).

Gabriela Gutierrez:

  • Projects Database.
  • Swiping mechanism for the stairway door.
  • Either rethink the whole database, or make it easier to search or find projects.
  • (Tumbler for projects)

Gaby Levine:

  • Swiping.
  • Getting the ITP Student list and Net IDs.
  • Wants to work on the physical interface.
  • Feels to lazy to want to swipe card in card reader.


Talk to Dan O


Find out about what tables populate the database Make the database more searchable. Dan O's feeling about the Project Database is that it either needs a complete overhaul or superficial tweaking and incentivize it's usage.

Consider the interface and using things that people are already using. Instead of doing something novel for the sake of being novel. A hybrid of using the Net ID kiosk and e-mail sign in.

Tables feed the project database and admission database.


To access the ITP MySQL Database page


type in Net ID


After group sessions the next plan of attack was:




Project Web Interface:

  • Greg Dorsainville
  • Meghan Hoke

Parts Exchange:

  • Nick Yulman
  • Johnny Lu
  • Ezer Longinus
  • Gabriella Levine
  • Gabriella Gutierrez

Expertise App Web:

  • Zach Schwartz
  • Jeremy Scott Diamond
  • (Lily Szajnberg)



  • (Zach Schwartz)
  • Lily Szajnberg
  • Matt Tennie
  • Eric Hagan
  • Gabriella Levine

Fingerprint Scanning

  • Dave Boyhan
  • Gabriella Gutierrez
  • Maria Rabinovich

Magnetic Swiping

  • (Noah Crowley)
  • (Lily Szajnberg)



  • Steve Klise
  • Noah Crowley
  • Zach Schwartz