• Arduino YUN send GET request
  • WIFI client shield work
  • TCP-Web socket
  • 2 computers talk to each other
  • Where is the network
  • Get Yun connect via WIFI

Question: Get Yun connect via WIFI

The Basics of Arduino YUN & client-server: YUN is a device that creates a network.

  • A conceptual diagram of how the laptop, YUN, NYU wireless and sandbox are connected. Set your laptop as client, YUN as server; NYU wireless and your sandbox are AP.
  • Subnet. Set the Yun is easier in home than in ITP using NYU wireless networks. Because in NYU, it connects to a different subnet which requires various permission.
    • For example: About the web socket: in the default configuration, you can only open a web socket back to the server which served the client. When doing the YUN project, you can only have the YUN and your computer in the same subnet, not in separate subnets.
  • Reconfiguration. Each time using YUN in a new network, it have to be reconfigured. The computer can handle the reconfiguration because a computer has screen and save the different configurations under different network. But nobody build the configuration panel for YUN, beaglebone,
  • Reconfigure YUN: hold “reset” button for 30sec.

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