Cooperate or defect

U/I button to decide to cooperate or defect Average drives the group 5 or 6 clients What joystick is right?

Facebook Hourglass How does browser know Facebook is open? What the client is looking at & when they started looking at Facebook Does time matter? 30 min per day per person 1 hourglass per person Syncing is about two physical things How does the client find the other client? SIP protocol Server pairs clients and they can connect directly after knowing their location How does the browser connect to the serial connection? - Node Webkit Browser is the real client b/c it’s the link to the network and the activity Sharing the data with yourself & only your devices

Phone Fidgeting Credit Card project--- The more you spend, the harder to swipe The more you use your phone the slower the charge

The more you fidget with your phone OR How much time you spend on your Phone

When people realize the frequency of their habit, they are bound to change

Group shaming / Sharing the data with the community When u unlock your phone, everyone will know you wanna talk and they will come talk to you.


Server to store the high 5’s - associate them with the appropriate player Keeping score

Web sockets - close it - measures high 5 strength - sends image to server Photo ; Who ; Strength

High 5 station - server keeps score Parallax reader Feedback to let the 5‘ver to know your on your way Mobile high 5 Trigger photo with sound Package info and make leaderboard next

Temperature sensor

Is your landlord being illegal? Temp sensor on Arduino- connect to pie as server

  • Tool for the landlord

Pie running node What other ways to do it? Heroku Dreamhost non- Apache Xively - internet of things

From the server - hook up to weather API for confirmation IFTTT harassing tweets to landlords

What parts are commodity transactions? Build in - problems only get reported if more than one person complains

When someone makes the request, make sure it’s unique to other requests

Collective Action <---

Graffiti locator

Spray paint stencil marks location of use on server The remote user commits the crime Connected to GSM - Client only

Phone becomes network connection via bluetooth

What happens if the person runs off


Use cases On login; send history - wait for new events Local net & Gateway

Home - Control Work - No Network - Log Data locally / Or Ignore

Merf radios Logging - easier with linux side

Internet |
| Wifi / 802.14.4 |
Many X-bee radios

Can’t see the data if they’re off the network create a persistent server - always on - serves history

To make the server say hello once after 5 seconds:

setTimeout(sergiosFunction, 5000);

function sergiosFunction() {

	console.log(“ˇHola mundo!”);


To make the server say hello every 5 seconds:

setInterval(sergiosFunction, 5000);

function sergiosFunction() {

	console.log(“ˇHola mundo!”);


var sergiosFunction = function() {

	console.log(“ˇHola mundo!”);

}; setInterval(sergiosFunction, 5000);

Variable hoisting

If you don’t declare a variable within a function, It’s global.

var app = { sergiosFunction = function() {

	console.log(“ˇHola mundo!”);

}, timing: 1000, };

setInterval(app.sergiosFunction, 5000);

var foo = { key:3000,

	key2: “freddie”,
	key3: function(){
	key4: app.sergiosFunction


setInterval(foo.key3, 1000);