ITP Camp games night

Rescheduled games night, as a hands-on followup to the session The Games People Play. See original description here.

POSTPONED – The 2011 ITP Camp Games Mega-Tournament


You are invited to come have fun, socialize, and learn about different types of games in a practical hands-on way this Sunday at 3pm at the 2011 ITP Camp Games Mega-Tournament.

(That title is firmly tongue-in-cheek. It’s more an un-tournament, being organized as […]



Whac-a-Wall is Whac-a-Mole on a wall.

In Whac-a-Mole, physical moles pop up in a play area, the size of a small desk, in front of you, and you whack them back down with a mallet under time pressure.

In Whac-a-Wall, the moles are virtual and projected onto a large wall surface. You […]

The Games People Play — an exploration of the different types of games

This session will be an exploration of the different types of games, a topic of personal interest. I’ll survey what I’ve found so far, covering the following topics:

what is a game? games versus play versus toys can there ever be an organized taxonomy of all games? (cf. my favorite science fiction/fantasy novel) types […]