Proclipsing: Processing + Eclipse

The Processing Development Environment is  a great way to get started programming, but there are other Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) that have features that make coding and debugging much easier.  One such IDE is Eclipse, the popular free and open source Java standard.  Though powerful, Eclipse can take some getting used to, as the […]

Intro to Objects w/ Processing

Objects can help you write code that is powerful, dynamic, and easier to manage.  This session will focus on how to get started with Object Oriented Programming with Processing.  It will start with simple examples to help reduce the difficulty of understanding the basic concepts, but we’ll move into more complex subjects such as […]

Intro to Processing

What can computation add to human communication? Creating computer applications, instead of just using them, will give you a deeper understanding of the essential possibilities of computation. The session focuses on the fundamentals of programming the computer (variables, conditionals, iteration, and functions). The Java-based ‘Processing’ programming environment is the primary vehicle for the session.  […]