Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

An ever growing amount of people are retiring in the state of Delaware. Delaware offers three amazing counties. Most people who plan to retire do so in Delaware’s Sussex County. Rather than buying a house right on the beach they often look further inland for lower priced homes. An ocean front home can cost you millions of dollars. The further inland you travel the cheaper the homes get. You can buy a beautiful home for only $200,000 rather than of over paying for a bay side home. People are also relocating to gated communities like The Peninsula Delaware. These communities are getting more popular among recent people who retire. The retirees favor these communities because they offer cheaperhomes than that of a house that is only walking distance from the beach. The cities in Sussex County are having a hard time trying to keep up with all of the people relocating there. The cities are planning to construct more electrical lines and are working hard on a new water plan to account for all of the new people. People want to retired in Delaware for a many different reasons. The first reason is the great Delaware beaches They are the absolute cleanest in the entire country. The next reason is all of the new amenities. Another reason is the world class flounder fishing that Delaware has. The last reason is because Delaware is one of the few number of states that have no sales tax. There is no tax on anything you buy in a store like computers, TV’s or even clothes. This would include things you purchase from the internet and have delivered to Delaware as well. If you are searching for a great house in Delaware I suggest you look at all of the Rehoboth Beach real estate. Another great place to search is Lewes DE real estate, and also Bethany Beach Real Estate or even look at the all of the Sussex County real estate area. You will not regret relocating in Delaware, many people have done it and many more are expected to.

Beauty Defense Message

The beauty to be defended.

My 1-in-1 project is called a Beauty Defense Message Delivery System, aka a stencil. In this age of digital everything and this camp where I very much hope to learn how to use the laser cutter I thought it would be good to re-acquaint myself with old school stencil cutting technique using X-acto knife and oaktag. This spring I planted some flowers in the tree pits in front of my house and I’ve been mortified to see signs of dog pee and litter among the plants. So I want to display a message to passers-by encouraging respect.

To view documentation of the project check out this page.


The Grid is Officially Open!

Have at it!  If you know about something (even if it is not what we would expect) offer a session about it.  If you want to know more about something, add a discussion about it to the schedule.  If you don’t know where to start on a topic just use the suggestion box.

What’s on the schedule?

Hi all,

We’ve been getting some inquiries about what types of sessions are offered at ITP Camp. While I can’t promise what will & won’t be offered this year (every year at camp should be full of new & exciting things), I can recommend that you take a look at last year’s schedule to get a sense of what camp is like. What I can promise is that there will be WAY more sessions that you are interesting in than you have the time to attend and you may make some attempts to clone yourself so that you are not forced to choose one thrilling session over another. And remember, if you find yourself mid-camp with an itch left unscratched you can always organize your own session or utilize our handy Suggest-A-Session tool to tell us what you’re looking for.

Your devoted Un-Director,

New Un-Director: Kate Hartman

Kate Hartman
We convinced Kate Hartman to run the camp this year. She is one of those glacier hugging, heart inflating, TED talking, hat muttering types. If you don’t know her already you can google her here.

This is a very good sign for camp2011 !

A Little Depth and Structure?

Taking a regular ITP class in our summer program might be a great way to dig down into a particular subject. If you need the credit, they cost University prices but campers can get a big discount if you don’t need the credit. Continue reading A Little Depth and Structure?

Apply Function on the Fritz

I am are very sorry but this past weekend our apply button was not working.  If you did not see a screen thanking you for your application and also receive a confirmation email, I am afraid your application did not take.  I really apologize but you will  have to type it all in again. Rest assured that the programmer has be beaten.

Sorry again,

ITP Camp

Pioneer’s Discount

We don’t promise to do this every year but this year we wanted to give a discount to camp alums of 2010  You guys had the foresight and  imagination to see how an empty schedule could turn into something great.  We want you back so we invented the 25% Camp2010 disount.