Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

An ever growing amount of people are retiring in the state of Delaware. Delaware offers three amazing counties. Most people who plan to retire do so in Delaware’s Sussex County. Rather than buying a house right on the beach they often look further inland for lower priced homes. An ocean front home can cost you millions of dollars. The further inland you travel the cheaper the homes get. You can buy a beautiful home for only $200,000 rather than of over paying for a bay side home. People are also relocating to gated communities like The Peninsula Delaware. These communities are getting more popular among recent people who retire. The retirees favor these communities because they offer cheaperhomes than that of a house that is only walking distance from the beach. The cities in Sussex County are having a hard time trying to keep up with all of the people relocating there. The cities are planning to construct more electrical lines and are working hard on a new water plan to account for all of the new people. People want to retired in Delaware for a many different reasons. The first reason is the great Delaware beaches They are the absolute cleanest in the entire country. The next reason is all of the new amenities. Another reason is the world class flounder fishing that Delaware has. The last reason is because Delaware is one of the few number of states that have no sales tax. There is no tax on anything you buy in a store like computers, TV’s or even clothes. This would include things you purchase from the internet and have delivered to Delaware as well. If you are searching for a great house in Delaware I suggest you look at all of the Rehoboth Beach real estate. Another great place to search is Lewes DE real estate, and also Bethany Beach Real Estate or even look at the all of the Sussex County real estate area. You will not regret relocating in Delaware, many people have done it and many more are expected to.


Get your polymath on

Oh my, a QR code! Apologies about being after the deadline, I swear I made this a while ago before it. When scanned by Google Goggles or any other smartphone app with QR codes it says “get your polymath on.” (A polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.) Plus it looks like a smiley face. It would be white on lime. Open to any feedback or changes!

One thought I had was to combine it with Andrew’s idea below and make it link to a twitter list of all our twitter accounts. That way, even years from now, we’ll probably be posting updates and that list will be a good summary of what we are all doing.

Here it is on the back of a tee. We can put white around it, but QR codes don’t support white-on-dark. What could go on the front?

QR Coded

Also submitted past the deadline, but thought I’d share anyhow. (Yet another) QR Code, points to but of course can go anywhere (like a collaborative blog continuously updated w/ our makes, ideas, discussions, etc.). Tested with the AT&T Scanner and Barcode for the iPhone. Thinking too that we could also go for a CV marker for AR (could be interesting when several campers are seen in range), but haven’t yet explored that… I like the idea of something living, that represents what we’ve learned now, as well as what we will all be making later. And could be used together with any of the great ideas already shared, maybe print, maybe other things.

White on lime green, however, doesn’t seem to give us enough contrast for the code to pick up. But dark green on lime does (thanks Ien). We could also do black on lime, black on white, white on gray, etc.

Here, in EPS and AI. It’s really rough, quick work, so please take this and make it better! And it’s ready for use in future camp sessions, as the type is made up of blocks/pixels.

Familiar Quotations

Here’s a chuckle from the Open Hardware Roundtable last week, courtesy of Bre Pettis, who had this (perhaps unintentionally?) funny line to say:


This mockup doesn’t really convey that lime green that we’re looking for, but you get the idea.  Thanks for looking!

EDIT – I see that the deadline has slightly passed, but I gave it a shot anyway 🙂 Aaaaaand I totally didn’t follow directions re: template either.  Geez, Sean!


laser-cut zipper pull?
how about an embroidered patch?
“borrowed” the logo from delicious candy, commercial patch example below. sew anywhere!

1st shot at a hoodie…

have original files if anyone would like to tweak/improve…

ITP Camp Hoodie Design Competition

Jealous of those lime green Camp sweatshirts the counselors have been sporting?  Now is your chance to design your own!

Presenting the ITP Camp Hoodie Design Competition. You can use this template to design your idea for the 2011 Camp sweatshirt. Once you are finished, post the design on the blog to the “Hoodie Design Competition” category. Voting will take place via comments – the design with the most unique comments/votes will win. Once the design has been selected you’ll have the opportunity to order a hoodie of your very own!

Submission deadline: Saturday June 18th at midnight
Voting deadline: Monday, June 20th at midnight

If you have any questions about developing your design, stop by the Camp Help Headquarters and a hoodie-clad counselor can assist you.

Best of Luck!
ITP Camp 2011