Hacking the Dinner Party: An Introduction to Sous Vide & Meat Glue

The dinner party is the original burning platform for social interaction. For the host/cook, it is a chance to not only create a social hub but to express oneself through the food that is prepared and served to guests. Sous Vide and Acvita (Meat Glue) are force multipliers that can dramatically amplify the size, scope, and level of creativity behind the dinner parties that you throw. This session will introduce both techniques and explain how you can use them to throw kick ass dinners for your friends.

Sous vide cooking means cooking under vacuum, typically with the help of an immersion circulator, which is a high precision water temperature regulator. Learn the basics of how to use a vacuum sealer and an immersion circulator to create an incredibly wide range of foods. I will introduce the basic methods to cook with sous vide, display a few examples of sous vide recipes, discuss safety, and how you can create/hack your own sous vide setup at home.

Also up for discussion is an introduction to Activa, affectionately known in culinary circles as “meat glue.” Activa is an enzyme that binds proteins together and can be used to make novel gastronomic delights. It also plays a synergistic role with sous vide techniques and its usage will be integrated into the sous vide tutorial.

Bio: Mike Lee is the founder and chef of Studiofeast, an invitation only dining collective based in NYC. Studiofeast plans and executes pop-up style dinners and was recently a part of the supperclub group that cooked and served a 6 course lunch on the L Train. He is an ITP Camp 2010 alum.


Thanks to all those who attended. Here’s a link to a recap that includes the slides, some photos, and a video. EMail me at mike@studiofeast.com if you have any questions about what was covered. Thanks!