Feedback 2010

  • Thank you ITP and everyone involved for making this June one of the most exciting and inspiring months since my college days.

    It opened my mind in so many ways, to the new technologies and innovative ideas out there right now and changing at the speed of light. I have so much to learn. And thank you all the wonderful people who made the camp unforgettable.

  • Can’t I be a professional camper? I love camp. It’s hot outside, I miss camp! Great to meet everyone, hope to get to work with some of you again in the future.

  • Priya Ollapally

    Camp was pretty amazing. I learned so much so fast it was dizzying — and I left with plenty to think about/keep me busy for the next year. I’ll be back Summer 2011!

  • Ireti Olowe 

    i am indebted to itp camp for recharging my batteries. thanks everyone!!!

  • Turns out going to camp as a grown up is pretty great. It made for some late nights and long weekends, but attending ITP summer camp has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made.

    My absolute favorite part about camp, was learning that not only were all of these various technologies cool… but they were all things that I _could_ manage to learn and create with. These topics changed from simply abstract to actually achievable due in large part to just watching my fellow campers create.

    I find myself wishing I could head up to the 4th floor whenever I walk by Broadway now!

  • Loved it!

    Interesting at all levels: people, classes, topics, projects and most of it, the energy that can only live at itp.

    Thank you, Dano, Midori, Rob, and all, so much for making it possible.

    I look forward to next Summer Camp!

  • Jody Culkin

    Camp was wonderful. Many, many, many thanks to all involved. June has never been so much fun.

  • Camp was such a great experience. I learned so much and found great motivation from seeing everyone’s work. I can’t wait until next summer! ;-D K/////> cheers!

  • Many thanks and good luck to everyone!

    I feel fully recharged with new possibilities and a ton of things to learn, some unexpectedly necessary, some forgotten long ago — ITP opens new horizons, as usually.

    Bright and colorful future is now and we are making it happen!

  • Eva Lansberry

    Thank you Dan, Red and all the ITP camp counselors for providing a such wonderful sampling of the ITP experience! My favorite comment was to reach for the crazy impossible idea and go for it, this your playground. I learned a tremendous amount and loved all the active sharing in and out of sessions. Thank you, thank you!!

  • Wider ranging experience than imagined. Pushed me along the learning curve, kicked me in the butt and let me know there are many amazing people working with art and technology. Felt connected in a way that’s hard to find. See you again soon.

  • ITP has helped me love technology again. I haven’t been this excited about making things since Mosaic was my web-browser of choice. Thanks to all the instructors and campers. I hope this becomes an annual tradition. Next year I won’t miss the final show.

  • Eduardo Minera

    I would like to say with the most heartfelt sentiment “Thank you all” for your time, guidance, and friendship. This is not a goodbye but a see you soon!

  • Way to rock it, campers! Good luck & keep in touch.

  • Thanks to Dan, the counselors, and fellow campers for making this a great experience. I learned a ton. Last night’s presentations and exhibits were amazing. Hope to see you at EverCamp – maybe with a finished project of my own on of these days!

  • Christina Goodness

    Time was short, but this was a real highlight of my summer. Let’s do it again.

  • James Borda

    I can hardly express how much I enjoyed camp and how much I got out of it. Without exaggeration, I think I will look back on it as a turning point in my life.

  • This was the best best experience I’ve had in years. I’m reserving my place for next year right now.