The Games People Play — an exploration of the different types of games

This session will be an exploration of the different types of games, a topic of personal interest. I’ll survey what I’ve found so far, covering the following topics:

  • what is a game? games versus play versus toys
  • can there ever be an organized taxonomy of all games? (cf. my favorite science fiction/fantasy novel)
  • types of game “platforms” (not just the video game platforms!)
  • the traditional video game categories — and the shortcomings of these categories
  • types of casual game mechanics (cf. game designer Greg Trefry)
  • types of social game mechanics (cf. game designer Raph Koster)
  • types of “fun” that games gives us (cf. game designers Marc LeBlance and Nicole Lazzaro)
  • types of game players (cf. the BrainHex player model)
  • and finally… types of purposes for games, or what’s the point of games? (cf. Bernard Suit’s The Grasshopper)

I’ll cite all kinds of games throughout as examples to hopefully bring the topic alive. And please do come with your own thoughts and game examples for discussion.

Here are the slides.