POSTPONED – The 2011 ITP Camp Games Mega-Tournament


You are invited to come have fun, socialize, and learn about different types of games in a practical hands-on way this Sunday at 3pm at the 2011 ITP Camp Games Mega-Tournament.

(That title is firmly tongue-in-cheek. It’s more an un-tournament, being organized as […]

Art of the Gift

As humans, our most personal accomplishments and memories are associated with the simple act of giving to others. As a community of makers living in an era of abundance, our ability to create worthy gifts and lasting memories is of growing value. ‘Art of the gift’ is a lecture and brainstorming session focused on […]

Design of Conversational Spaces

Conversation is everywhere online, but that its quality ranges from terrific to terrible. The negative end of that scale is astonishingly bad – moronic rants, off-topic rambles, vitriolic attacks. (“dude just stfu nobody watches ur videos just gtfo out of you tube oh no were hurting his little feelings i feel soo bad”.)

Yet […]

Communications for Insurgents: Synchronize, Coordinate, Document

The idea that the internet would be a useful tool for insurgents in autocratic regimes has been around for 20 years, but the first actual overthrow of a autocratic state by revolutionaries using these tools happened only 20 weeks ago. Seeing insurgencies through the Middle East and North Africa, and full revolutions in Tunisia, […]