ITP Camp 2014

Dates + Fees

These are the Dates & Fees for ITP Camp 2014.
Please check back later for info on Camp 2015!


This year ITP Camp will run Monday, June 2nd through Saturday, June 28th. We've always had a mix of invited or Camp-led sessions (organized by the Camp Director and Camp staff) and Camper-led (organized by Camp attendees). This year we'll have days that are primarily one or the other. In particular we're leaving Week 4 open to be entirely Camper-led! See the Calendar for details as they develop.


The flat-rate fee for Camp 2014 will be $1200 (as compared to 2012's $1500 or 2011's $1600!).

The discounts we are offering this year are as follows:

Also, talented campers can receive partial refunds for their camp fees by leading successful camp sessions during camp. Successful sessions will be compensated at a rate of $100/hour. The success of a camp session is determined by the camp director & camp counselors. Reimbursements are issued after the close of camp. Characteristics of a successful session include:


Fees are 100% refundable before June 1st and 50% refundable before June 5th.