ITP Camp 2014

Reviving Urban Spaces through Creative Interventions

Session Leaders: Shagun Singh

Tags: #talk #urban spaces

Created By: Kate Hartman

We will be using examples from our past work in the field to jump start a conversation around how creative placemaking can turn vacant unused urban spaces into neighborhood destinations. This session will be part lecture, part workshop in order to understand what goes into creating spaces that tell stories, share information, and are interactive.

We will focus on developing successful strategies to reinvent, re-explore, and rediscover underutilized urban spaces. There will be particular focus on approaching local government agencies and private companies for support. Please bring your ideas, questions, and spaces you'd like to see revived.

Led by: Shagun Singh


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Miriam Songster June 2, 2014, 12:51 pm

Hi Shagun
I would like to take this but the class if full. Can you let me know if I can attend or if another session is getting set up? Also, I am out of town 6/4-6/10 and again 6/22-6/25 so if you do set up another class if you could do it while I'm here I'd really appreciate it! Thanks -m