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ITP Campfire Stories: Joshua Goldberg

Written by Ruta Kruliauskaite on June 14, 2016, 10:39pm


What were your favorite moments at ITP Camp so far? I really liked teaching the workshop that I just gave. That was a great refresher for me, because I haven’t actually had a chance to go ahead and teach people to use Max 7 yet. I also really liked Intro to Python session that I attended, because I had someone to finally give me a push on “Why would you want to use Python 2 versus 3” and a basic introduction to why Python is so valuable for text processing. That’s really been fun.

What’s your latest passion? My latest passion is a little bit cheesy. I’m completely obsessed with Mandelbulb shapes, with algorithmic fractal generation of 3D landscapes using the Mandelbulb toolkit. I think that I’ve already spent twenty hours or so last month just generating these endless endless shapes and posting them around. I’ve always been fascinated with fractals. A lot of the live visual performances that I do actually has to do with digital algorithmic feedback and how to gain surprising shapes out of that feedback. It’s been great playing with these sort of equations in a different format.

How did you end up managing Burning Man rave camp? I ended up in the leadership role at Disorient in 2002, 2003 and 2004. In 2002 I finally had a chance to display the video art that I was working on at that point, and Leo Villareal, an ITP graduate and professor, basically gave me a free ride with his camp to show whatever I want to show, and to manage how the video was shown at that camp. It was an eye opener, it was the first time I actually got confidence with the solo art that I was doing, with a non theatre work that I was doing, and it felt like I was actually in the position where I was pushing the envelope myself. And that was great. And I got it through ITP. The other leadership role that I had in a Burning Man situation was for a creative LED display company in Hong Kong called LED Artists, where one of the projects I was working on was GonKiRin. It was such an amazing experience, not only because it was such a great piece of art (it was incredibly complicated art car that can hold 45 people), but it was also a great experience to be paid to bring work to Burning Man.

What are your favorite Twitter bots and why? I like Lowpoly Bot a great deal. I believe that Lowpoly Bot consistently does one of the best algorithmic art generation things that I’ve ever seen. I also have an idea for a Twitter bot myself, and it’s one of my goals for the Camp. I just need enough bandwidth to settle down and look at it.

Explain to a five-year old in one sentence:

VR… if you put this on, you can be in a different place.

Any advice to future campers? Even if you don’t know what you want to do, take the plunge. Even if you don’t know why it would be useful, it’s useful to simply have the framework to flail. A lot of the greatest work that you can make is made from situations where the pressure isn’t necessarily on to make a specific thing, but to make anything at all. ITP Camp gives you resources to make anything you want, you just need to find something to latch on.

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