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ITP Campfire Stories: Stefania Druga

Written by Jason Beck on June 18, 2016, 6:43pm


What were your favorite moments at ITP Camp so far? My favorite moment at ITP Camp so far has been when I started working on my tool belt (the one I’m currently wearing) and when we talked about super powers that we could integrate into our tool belts. It was an amazing class because we got to think about how we could increase our senses into hearing things that we don’t normally hear or sensing things that we don’t normally sense, and I definitely think I’m going to work on that project throughout the rest of the camp.

And the other favorite moment was when I met Nils Westerlund on the second day of the camp and we decided to work on a project together, which is a vertical plotter. I think it’s great to actually have an idea for a project from the beginning of the camp and throughout the camp be able to add to your project and work on it while you’re also going to sessions.

What’s your latest passion? My latest passion is sewing. I started sewing here and I also learned how to work with leather here -- I’m very excited to continue to do that during the camp. I got a lot of leather and I’m planning to laser cut and sew a dress -- I have never done that before and it’s very exciting to think about how much science and design goes into sewing a dress or a bag. It was fascinating when we did the craft leather workshop: we spent four hours without realizing it and at the end of the workshop we all realized that our hands were hurting but we were so focused on getting our leather pouch done that we didn’t see the time passing by.

Why do you love making? I love making things because it allows me to create things that are customized for what I like and what I need and it gives me the sense that I can interact with the world around me in a tangible way. It also gives me an extreme sense of independence and satisfaction whenever I have a problem to at least try to solve it and to make something without having to ask other people for help.

Explain to a five-year old in one sentence…

Hacking… Hacking is when you want to transform anything you have around you. Imagine you have a radio and you want to make it into a recorder or I don’t know. It allows you to take anything you have and modify it so it does something else.

Any advice to future campers? I think my advice for future campers would be to try to be as open and curious as possible and try to go into the most crazy sounding sessions because I think this camp is a great opportunity to go outside of your interest area or comfort zone and it’s a safe space where you could try and experiment with absolutely everything.

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