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ITP Campfire Stories: Dannie Seadragon

Written by Nick Bratton on June 21, 2016, 9:36pm


What were your favorite moments at ITP Camp so far? I think it’s really hard to point out which exactly is my favorite moments because I have so many of them. There are two moments that I really enjoyed though. One of them is when during the orientation Kate Hartman (camp director) said that camp is all about exploration and playing, that you no longer need to be an expert in a certain field, you just come here to learn and experiment, and I thought “Wow! That’s so inspirational and that’s exactly why I came here.”. Later on when I started taking workshops my favorite moment was taking Arduino workshop -- that was the first time I got a good understanding of it. I felt so excited about that workshop. It was a lot of fun.

What’s your latest passion? My latest passion has been bringing technology and art to a level that is friendly to beginners in this area. I come from an education background and when I see those exciting things like art intersecting with technology my first thought is: how do I bring this to a classroom, or to children so that they can understand and also be inspired to learn this and to be the future technologists or artists that can play with this when they grow up?

What plans do you have for your sabbatical year? I think the plan for my sabbatical year is to make only half the plan. I really just want to follow the momentum. Especially at the moment everything’s so great. I’m getting a lot of ideas and inspiration from ITP Camp. I just want to keep the momentum going so I’m planning another maker-in-residence opportunity in Beijing and also bring the skills I’ve learned here to run a couple workshops both in China and in Melbourne and that has already been discussed so I’m really excited about it. Other than that I’m really just open for all the opportunities. So if you have anything you think I will enjoy doing or any great project ideas related to innovative education, please let me know. I would love to collaborate.

What stuck with you the most being an educator? I think the best thing about being an educator is that you can really see you’re helping young people realize their dreams. The last year I initiated a project called “Energize the Human Body” which is to combine science, art, and wearable technology together and we created a fashion runway in the city of Melbourne in front of hundreds of people. When I first started this project I had a year eight girl in the class that said to me I can see that I’m really going to be a fashion designer. She said that just out of heart so spontaneously when I told her about this project opportunity, and I can see she was wanting to be a fashion designer since she was a kid but she didn’t know how to start it -- she just didn’t have any opportunities -- so this was something that she really felt it’s possible to reach her dream. And me being part of that, a helping hand, it made me feel really good.

Any advice to future campers? If you are looking for a great community and ideas from the latest technology and art and a really diverse background of people, a place to play and experiment and learn, this is a really awesome place. So my advice is just come. Come with a project in mind, something you want to explore the most, a rough idea, that would be helpful to you for making a project in a short amount of time. But, in general, if you don’t have an idea, just come with your heart open and your eyes open you will have an awesome experience.

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