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ITP Campfire Stories: Alex Wagner

Written by Ruta Kruliauskaite on June 22, 2016, 11:29am


What were your favorite moments at ITP Camp so far? I really liked Nancy Nowacek’s classes. One was called “Tools For Impossible Ideas” and she talked about how to accomplish art projects that seem crazy or impossible, especially public art projects, and that was really inspiring. Actually I was a fan -- well, I can’t say I was a fan -- but I contributed to her Kickstarter campaign before I came here and I had no idea she was teaching and even emailed her to ask her a question. So it was really cool that she was here and I got to take two sessions from her. She’s a really cool artist and teacher.

Gabe’s classes were really cool -- his video installation class and his video mapping session were both super cool. He had a lot of really neat examples and he even showed me that Max/MSP isn’t really that bad. Actually after learning a little bit of Processing Max/MSP seems pretty simple actually. I hadn’t tried to use it in probably eight years, so that’s cool. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about a little but it’s like so many seeds have been planted. I feel I can kind of pursue all these different projects that seemed kind of impossible before.

What’s your latest passion? I got really into 3D printing last week which I never did before. There were these 3D printers kind of sitting around and I took a session with Matt Griffin from Ultimaker, and then just kind of learned how easy it is to just download a STL file and print something or scale it or do whatever in Rhino. I also did a little project on the laser cutter -- I took a 3D model of an elephant and then sliced it in 123D Make and then glued all the cardboard together and 3D printed a little dowel to go through it. All that felt like a major accomplishment even though it’s just a small model. I learned a lot.

What are you good at that people don’t know of? I’m really good at karaoke. I’m not very theatrical -- well, it depends on the song -- but yeah, I really like to sing. I don’t get a lot of opportunities. I think, well, I am a frustrated musician. I used to play music and then I got into film and video to actually make a living but I still go to karaoke a lot in Dallas because that is just what I do there.

Any advice to future campers? The best piece of advice that I can give is to just clear your whole schedule for June. Don’t work. There’s so much to do here that you really just need to have nothing on your agenda for a month to be able to explore as much as possible and go to all the sessions that you want to. Also remember to feed and clothe yourself and get some sleep. There’s just so much going on here that working is kind of a bummer. It’s really hard to do. Just clear your schedule.

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