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ITP Campfire Stories: Gail Bennett

Written by Ruta Kruliauskaite on June 24, 2016, 3:42pm


What were your favorite moments at ITP Camp so far? First, I loved the beginning, very very first night when we all met and the challenge of the game we were charged to develop working in teams of people we just met. Other favorite things have been… Well, everyday there is something. One was when I recognized code for the first time after I’ve been completely in the dark. I started out not knowing anything and I took a coding class, and I was pretty much five steps behind but I caught up and then the next time I was in the class that had code I recognized it, and each time has gotten a little bit better. I started seeing logic in it -- it’s very exciting, it’s like another part of my brain has opened up. I loved the Soft Lab classes, anything that I’ve been able to make onsite I’ve also really enjoyed because I could walk out with the product. I really enjoyed leading the class with Judy Lieff and Roland Arnoldt: we led a class on movement and explored different ways that we could challenge the comfort zone doing things that we don’t normally do. My challenge and one of the reasons I was so attracted to ITP was because I saw the work that has come out of ITP, and it’s some of the stuff that has been in my mind and in my body for a very long time -- curiosity about how some things get done -- things like giant projections and then using technology to create some interactive platforms. This is where I get very excited: when tech and art meet and then it becomes one huge expression. The other part is if there are things that I haven’t learnt fully, I’ve met so many people who are so skilled and so experienced and so creative that this is the community that I want to continue to get to know and socialize with.

What’s your latest passion? I just came to this interview from the aerial dance class. I’ve been exploring aerial using aerial silks and aerial yoga, and to me it’s all aerial -- anytime you can lift yourself off the ground and not be limited by gravity, it’s the most amazing feeling, it’s completely transformative. And then being able to hang upside down and just hanging upside down... there’s definitely a connection between ITP and aerial stuff. I don’t know if I have the words for it but it is about seeing and experiencing the world from the completely different point of view. To me it’s symbolic of the work here that I see myself being able to do. And then ITP. ITP is my latest passion.

What’s one thing you can’t live without? Movement. Moving my body. Exercise. Dance. Yoga. I can’t live without it. Art. Music. Food. I love food. I love to eat. I love really good food.

Explain to a five-year old in one sentence…

3D printing... is… you see this toy that you have.. The toy is superhero. Let’s say you want two superhero toys, so this one isn’t so lonely. You can take one of your superhero toys and copy it like I can make a copy of something that I’ve written -- I can type something up and I can make a copy of it -- we can do the same thing with the superhero. And all we have to do is to use this 3D printer and it’s going to create the exact same superhero as the one that you have, and it will look almost the same after we paint it.

Any advice to future campers? Just come to camp with expectation of learning so much but not being able to learn as much as you want to, be completely open, don’t get discouraged at all, sit in the class that you think you aren’t going to understand -- perhaps you won’t understand half of what the class is about but you will absorb it. There’s so much here just being here. So let yourself relax and just have a good time. Your brain is going to hurt a little, which is excellent, you want that. You want to walk out of here so full and overflowing with knowledge and desire to learn more.

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