ITP Camp 2016

Getting Started With Ultimaker 2+ Desktop 3D Printer

Session Leaders: Matthew Griffin

Tags: #3dprinting #3dp #tools

Created By: Matthew Griffin

Quick crash course to get those new to Ultimaker printers (and/or desktop 3D printing in general) setup with the basic software, tools, best-practices, and troubleshooting tips to make use of the set of Ultimaker 2+ units that I am making available for camper use at ITP this June.

Those attending any sessions of this course will have priority access to printing time and donated filament, so make sure to drop in for one of these quick sessions early in the month for access to more training and materials later in the month!

NOTE: I'll be adding more sessions in the schedule (including sessions later in the evening) shortly based on requests made during the Camp Orientation session. Is there a time that you'd really wish I'd offer this? Let me know then!


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Rohit J June 7, 2016, 12:39 am

Can we please have this session after office hours .. anytime after 5:30PM or weekends.