ITP Camp 2016

Applied Research of Open Experience Design

This open discussion and lecture will showcase a few projects developed through applied research by Wendy W Fok and her team at WE-DESIGNS, a creative boutique agency and architectural design practice that provides creative strategy for the built environment. Wendy W Fok is the Creative Director and trained architect of WE-DESIGNS. She is completing her Doctor of Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, with collaborating department, the Harvard Law School. Her upcoming book “Digital Property – Open Source Architecture\" explores the issues of ownership and authorship in the field of architecture and design, and the practice of Open Innovation systems and practices. This open discussion and lecture will discuss the ever globalized design practice, and the collaborative global leadership with a team of design managers and product line leaders across multiple cross-product initiatives. Project examples will talk in brief of the high-stakes design challenges, particularly on complex and mission critical projects concerning private and public partnerships of crossover projects from architecture, product design, to experience design. Larger goals of the talk will discuss the ever-changing strategies on building relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, from museums, fashion brands, to public projects from players such as the City of Boston and the Times Square Alliance. The on-going open discussion will continue to a larger dialogue on how the field of design and architectural practice is fostering the development of the visual design practice by staying abreast of design best practices, emerging interaction design patterns, and new technologies.


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